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We have solved customers’ rubber molding and processing problems with our advanced technical capabilities and abundant expertise!

Materials selection stage
Each rubber material has its unique characteristics: high temperature resistance, abrasion resistance, high elasticity, oil resistance, and so on. Kuzuhara Gomu will recommend an appropriate rubber material fit to your application.
Configuration design stage
Kuzuhara Gomu will support our customers during their design stage of product configurations. In addition to a recommendation of product configurations suitable to its application and design, we are encouraged to submit our ideas as much as possible to such customers’ request as “we are wondering if it possible to make this as such...”
Production planning stage
Please feel free to contact us if you have any question about a production plan regarding its scheduling and cost. We will try our best to deal with a variety of request and inquiry including cost reduction, short delivery time and small lot production in addition to production transfer from other manufacturing plant.

We will do our very best to deal with any of your requirements on rubber molding and processing.

We make proposals for rubber molded products for use in diverse industries

  • Aerospace/heavy industry products
    Aerospace/heavy industry products
  • Defense business
    Defense business
  • Drone related
    Drone related
  • Automotive parts
    Automotive parts
  • Health and welfare supplies
    Health and welfare supplies
  • Orthopedic products
    Orthopedic products
  • Construction and machine parts
    Construction and machine parts
  • Products to prevent salt corrosion/products for power generation
    Products to prevent salt corrosion/products for power generation
  • Other components for use in diverse industries
    Other components for use in diverse industries

Presentation ? Introduction of our unique masking rubbers

Examples of rubber molded/processed products

  • The brochure including information about our performance producing large numbers of a product! Click here to download the brochure
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For “Monozukuri”, the production preparation is the key.
We are ready to serve you from the design stage of rubber products.

Thank you for visiting us at our website. Kuzuhara Gomu, a rubber molding and processing company, has a forty years long history since its founding. For years the employees of the company have been working very hard with their united efforts to serve a variety of industries including our main business with the automotive industry, gaining their trust on us through our work on their requirements.

For monozukuri in manufacturing of rubber products, we give a high priority on its production preparation stage. If the thing is out of a focus at the beginning, the result is “out of position” or such misalignment is greater in the subsequent processes. Keeping in mind that a high precision must be achieved from the initial preparation stages including material selection and designing, we believe the support to our customers in this regard should lead to a good “monozukuri”.

Our goal is to make a better product by working together with our customers. Please feel free to contact us on any request and requirement. We all look forward to working together!

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